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Learning phase

Install software major currencies. We download their Blockchains and evaluate their characteristics and their ability to interconnect via API

Backend phase

We have developed a software to interact with all networks and control them manual and automatic way: starting and stopping services, making backups, extracting data blocks chains and other files...

We have also developed another software in charge of analyzing the Blockchains, generate all statistics and then visualize on the web.

And we were installing new coins and downloading more and more blockchains...

Current time

We tested our software with more than 250 coins, including nearly all families, we have all of their synchronized Blockchains and we can extract all the information we want. Therefore, we have about 250 coins ready to use on our web, see statistics and compare them with each other.

At this point we begin the Crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding campaign (30 days)

While crowdfunding campaign we developed the web. It will be ready when the campaign ends. At this stage open services were developed, which will be accessible to all users.

Implementation phase (15 / 30 days)

Once we receive the funds can hire the servers, install all the infrastructure and start the web

Frontend phase 2 (30 / 60 days)

With the web running we will focus on developing payment services.

For advertisers: right now, with the finished public web, will begin operating advertising.

Subscribed users: subscription time will not begin counting until all services are properly deployed, it will send an email to warn you.


Our intention is to continue developing the project for next years. Incorporating new coins, developing some ideas we have in mind...